Wednesday Q&A – 1/18/23

Welcome to the place where your two bloggers ask each other one question each week. We hope you enjoy them as you learn a bit more about us – sometimes we even learn more about each other!

Ray’s question to Karen:

Q: You’re a big fan of tea – what are some of your favorite varieties?

A: I love a good Oolong tea, and my favorite type is Milk Oolong. Milk Oolong has a naturally occurring sweet, creamy flavor, but beware, there are many teas masquerading as Milk Oolong that are artificially flavored. I also love golden teas. Golden Assam or Golden Yunnan are wonderful, or a blend including these. Rule of thumb – if it looks like pencil shavings, I’ll probably like it!

Karen’s Question to Ray:

Q: Do you have a favorite brand of hot dog?

A: In general, hot dogs sicken me! I’m not sure what it is about them, but I’ve always been that way. Despite that, oddly enough, there are random occasions where I am actually in the mood for one. Not being an aficionado, Oscar Meyer or Ballpark brands suit me just fine. I will also add that when I am in the mood for one, there is nothing better than a hot dog at the ballpark!

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