Wednesday Q&A – 12/29/21

Welcome to the place where your two bloggers ask each other one question each week. We hope you enjoy them as your learn a bit more about us – sometimes we even learn more about each other!

Ray’s question to Karen:

Q: We’re about to ring in the new year – what are some of your favorite foods to serve on New Years Eve?

A: We have the same dish every New Years Eve. Italian Sausage and Peppers. It’s tradition now!

Karen’s Question to Ray:

Q: New Years Eve. Do you toast in the new year with Champagne or are you a non-traditionalist?

A: We used to, but haven’t for the past few years since our son was born. He doesn’t always make it to midnight, but we do a toast at some point for fun anyway. To make sure he doesn’t feel left out, sparkling cider does the trick!

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